Monday, April 27, 2015

Marathon Ride: Florida Keys Bikeway (4/25/15)

Ride: Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, Islamorada - Marathon - Islamorada
Distance: 58 Miles
Sights: Iguanas, Ocean, Palm Trees, Channel #5 Bridge

Urvi and I drove down from the vacation rental to Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters where we rented two Giant road bikes. The plan was to make it from MM 83 down to Marathon Key and eat lunch at either the Island Fish Company at MM 53 or the Stuffed Pig at MM 48 and then return.

Our initial plan was to ride along the road shoulder which would be faster and have less pedstrian traffic than the bike path/sidewalks that line US 1 from Key Largo down to Marathon.  As soon as we left the center of Islamorada, that plan was shot.  The asphault appears to have a good abount of coral in it and is really grainy on the tires.

Urvi on the Trail

Iguanas on the Trail

The route is almost completely flat, except for the Channell #5 Bridge which rises pretty high.  It is also a narrow shoulder, so while I was battling my irrational fear of bridges I was also battling the wind and my quite rational fear of getting hit by cars.

There were a couple of beautiful stretches, including the rails to trail into Marathon.  We stopped at the Island Fish Company - probably would have taken another hour to get to the Stuffed Pig... The conch chowder was awesome.

Scenes from the week:

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