Tuesday, April 14, 2015

T Minus 6 Days: Souvlaki & The Lou Ristaino Workout (4/14/15)

6 days away until the Boston Marathon!

Today's plan is to:

1) Run "The Lou":

Thanks to Coach Joe O'Leary, the Somerville Road Runners has a Tuesday before marathon track workout.  "The Lou" (or "Lou Riggatoni" or "Lou Rissoto") is a workout designed by local runner and coach - Lou Ristaino. It has become, for Somerville Road Runners', THE rite of passage for a marathon.  Several years ago, at the New England championship track meet, Lou told me he had figured out the workout as one where you achieve three thingsdo "something" for nervous energy, don't kill yourself, and keep your body fluid in the week leading up to your big race.

"The Lou" workout:
800m warm-up

4800m continous, with the first 800 at goal Marathon Pace and each successive 800 four seconds faster:
800 @ 3:32
800 @ 3:28
800 @ 3:24
800 @ 3:20
800 @ 3:16
800 @ 3:12

1600 cooldown.

Meanwhile in actual existing workouts.

2) Continue to obsess over the weather forecast: 

At Noon, the forecast saiad: High of 55 with 50% chance of showers in the PM; three and a half hours later, it hadn't changed.

3) Carb up #1 meal: Pork Souvlaki with Potatoes

mmmm... Pork and Potatoes

1 lb. of ground pork
3 Tbsp of 365 souvlaki spice mix
1 egg
1/4 cup panko 

1 lb of russet potatoes sliced

a- Preheat oven at 400°F
b- Chop up potatoes, put in greased pan with olive oil and spread herbs de Provence
c- Place in oven
d- Combine pork, spices, egg and panko
e- Form around kabob skewers into 4-6 long sausages
f- place on greased cooking sheet
g- Place in oven, bake 25 minutes.

dill yogurt sauce: plain greek yogurt; lime juice; dried dill.

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