Saturday, January 26, 2013

Achievements - 2012

2012 Achievements 

Last night was Somerville Road Runners big year end bash.  I was awarded the club's much coveted "Steve Burton Most Improved Runner Award."  So that will officially wrap up 2012 and my great season.  My top achievements (pictured) are:

1.  First place Team with Brian and Mariah in the Reykjavik Marathon.
2.  First place Clydesdale at the Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler.
3.  Cape Cod Clam Chowder Cup Challenge Cup from the Cape Cod Marathon and Half Marathon.
4.  The Steve Burton Most Improved Runner Award.
5.  Finisher Medal from the Providence Marathon.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year's Haibun: Shamrock's NY5 (1/1/13)

Race: Run Your Hangover Off 5 Miler
Location: Woburn, MA
Goal Time: 32:30
Actual Time: 33:32

It's a tradition in Japan to write poetry for New Years'.  So I present:

5 Tough Miles: a Haibun

The cold stings like ice knives upon my naked legs.  Breathing like a walrus in a flack jacket I attempt to pretend to follow the conversation Neil is holding.  And with a little first mile group I go toward the inevitable failure of the race.

Oh, it's downhill and
I run like Hermes; but, it
cannot last this way.

Rollers Neil promised begin as mile two commences.  But a hill too steep for such a nomenclature awaits.  My first mile group - Andy, Megan and Neil fly away like eagles late for appointments on a mountainside aerie.  (Greg only steadily opens up his gap on me).

Hills are not rollers;
Indeed, like Everestt or Fuji
they appear to me.

Third mile is but a desperate heave.  Through the suburban streets I weave.  Each lawn is a mini-treeless tundra sleeping below a New Year's blanket of snow.

Hilly roads delight
passing icebergian white;
fourteen minutes left(?)

Momentarily I forgot, the hills of travail the want of trails.  Here upon Horne Pond I once rode, lost among the memories and streets of long ago.  There's a beautiful trail that wraps the pond in easy jaunt.  But to the shores we do not go - another hill instead.

Here at mile four
Many feet above the shore;
don't want to run no more -

800 meters before the end, I was promised but one hill left to tend.  I tried to save myself on the rise so that down I could surprise Aharon and pass him just in time to cross that finish line.

I didn't.

Finally that is done
New Years' race and nothing done
Now, I'll get a beer.

SRR Shoutouts -

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