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Never too Early: Mayor's Cup Franklin Park 5K (10/24/10)

Race - Franklin Park 5K
Location - Franklin Park, MA
Goal Time - 21:30
Actual Time - 21:33 (5K PR!!!!)

Is it already time to start training for next year and trail races? It's never too early.

With my legs finally not in pain from the marathon it was time to build toward the Winter 2011 season. So, its Cross Country Time.

The Mayor's Cup is a great set-up. Cross Country Races all morning literally for all ages and abilities.

It starts with 3 kids' races that are 1.1 miles. (U10, 11-12, 13-14); then two 5ks (the Women's Championship and the Open race); and, finally, the Men's 8K Championship.

I took part in the Franklin Park 5K (the non-Championship open race.) Clubs from all over New England (and even NYC and upstate) were lined up for the race.

While I, of course, ran the first mile too fast, the second and third were comfortable. At the Bear Cage, organizers had blocked off the right hand turn so you KNEW to go left. (If only they had done that 19 years ago, I might have been Boston City Cross Country Champion).

While I didn't reach my goal time - I did get a PR for the 5K, beating my Playworks 5K time by 11 seconds!

Additionally, it was my first time scoring FOR the Somerville Road Runners - results!

Jon Phillips of the New York Athletic Club won the Men's Championship 8k.
Kate Dicammilo of New Balance Boston won the Women's Championship 5K.

Remainder of Pre-Winter Training Schedule

Nov 7, 2010 - New England XC Championships 10K (Franklin Park)
Nov 25, 2010 - Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 Miler (Somerville)
December 11, 2010 - Assault on Mt. Hood 3.5 Mile XC (Melrose)
December 19, 2010 - Jingle Bell Run 5K (Somerville)
January 1, 2011 - First Run 10K (Lowell)

In Search of . . . Little Wilson Falls 2


This is a post that is out of place in the time continuum of my blog.

In background, last year my mother and I attempted to find what have been called "The prettiest waterfalls in Maine" but we failed badly (find the blog about that attempt here).

Well, this time around we KNEW where to go.

A left onto the AT led us the correct way. As we went through bogs and wetlands the AT had trackways like Iron Age Somerset.

After crossing the creek again in some difficult hops from rock to rock, we climbed up the AT until we came to:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The First Marathon - A learning experience (10/17/10)

Race - Bay State Marathon
Location - Lowell, MA
Goal Time - 3:45:00
Actual Time - 3:45:42

The last mile -

I was walking for the fourth time probably. I felt I reached the limit of what I could do. In my mind I was thinking of just quitting. I didn't feel I could do anything. But two things stopped me from quitting.

1. What the hell was I going to do when I quit - Walk the rest of the way? I don't require an ambulance. If I'm going to walk, I might as well do it on the course.

2. I got to the "1 mile to go" sign. There was a couple - probably in their late teens standing there. The guy looked me in the eye - "c'mon 339 (my number), One mile to go. You can run one mile!"

I looked at my watch - right at 3 hours 35 minutes. If I ran the rest of the way, I could break 3:45:00. So, I turned my hat around backwards (because then a switch goes on and I feel "like a truck") and I went Over the Top.

While I immediately realized that I was never going to run this last mile in less than 10 minutes, I did know I could "run a mile." (Maybe it was because of the hat?). I put everything I ad left into it. At 26 miles (0.2 to go) I knew I had it. There was a quick right turn into the baseball stadium and then a lap around the warning track. As I went down the right field line, I could see the finish line and was ready to sprint - only to realize that before that I had to run over the pitcher's mound and plate in the bullpen (really?).

But I crossed the finish line at 3:45:42. 42 seconds slower than my goal, but I finished (and had run the entire last mile)!

The first 13.1 Miles -

At 10K - I had run my fastest 10k - 44:35

At Half Marathon - I had run my fastest ever half marathon - 1:35:30

Never running a marathon and never running a "long race" that had a reasonably flat profile, I didn't know how fast I would actually run. If one multiplied my fastest half marathon by 2, it would be 3:18:00 minutes. So, like a genius, I decided that maybe I could keep up with the people running a 3:10:00 for a while. Well, I did! For half of the race.

13.1 miles - 30K -

At the Nahant 30K, I ran a quick 13 miles (around 1:40:00) and then "hung on" in the last 5.6 miles to finish at 2:26:26.

Well, this was quite similar! I ran a quick half marathon and then "hung on" in the last 5.6 miles to pass the 30K marker at 2:23 or so. Unfortunately, I then had another 7.5 miles to run!

It was at the 30K marker that the wheels came off!

30K - 25.2 miles -

Every step from 30K on was a fight. I alternated between jogging and walking and stretching out my hamstring. Somewhere in the 24 mile range, a spectator gave me the worst look - as if she felt sorry for me. Eventually I got to one mile to go and pulled my Over the Top impersonation.

Once I had finished and was laying in Center Left of the Spinners' field, I discussed my implosion.

He simply asked: "Is it your first marathon?"


"That's how mine was. It's a learning experience."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

City Ride: Hub on Wheels (9/26/10)

Event - 50 Mile Bike Ride
Goal Time - 3:30:00
Actual Time - 3:29:58

2009 I missed this ride since it was raining and cold. Leaving from Government Center the ride goes up and down a closed Storrow Drive. The ride touches parts of Allston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale where the 50 milers and the 30 milers split, West Roxbury, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Dorchester, South Boston and then back downtown.

It's a beautiful ride to spend the day.

75% of the way there: Nahant 30K (9/12/10)

Event - 30 K Road Race
Location - Nahant, MA
Goal Time - 2:35:00
Actual Time - 2:26:31 (66th Place)

Since May I have set out a plan for the Bay State Marathon. It set the Boston 13.1 as goal one and the Nahant 30K as goal 2 in route to the marathon.

I rode my bike out to Nahant. I got there in enough time to get my number, stretch, etc. While I had jogged farther in training runs, I was still apprehensive about really running that distance. Nahant might be a peninsula but it is really really hilly.

I finished but had burned myself out trying. On the plus side I broke my 8 minute miles and broke my goal time.

Labor Day Wiffle Ball Classic - Photo Blog - (9/6/10)

Being a Warrior: Spartan Race (8/28/10)

Event - 5K Obstacle Course
Location - Amesbury, MA
Goal Time - 30:00
Finish Time - 35:17 (216th)

I try to find different races sometimes. Well, this one fit the bill. It was a 5K trail race with 16 obstacles throughout.

Our wave started and there was a charge up the hillside, past a water cannon and then jumping over a fire pit. Once over the hill, the race became a common trail race with a random obatacle thrown in every now and again.

The first difficult obstacle was the mid pits. We had to run (or walk) through knee deep mud. At least twice people in front of me had to turn around and come back because they lost their shoes.

Included in the remaining obstacles were eight foot walls, cargo nets, hurdles, etc. The next hard one was the traverse wall. In the traverse wall, you had to climb across about 20 feet. I found it nearly impossible and, instead, did the push ups to move on.

The very last obstacle - right before the finish line - was three "gladiators" with the old school American Gladiator pugil sticks. I had watched this while waiting for the gun to go. It appeared that everybody tried to run around the gladiators and ended up getting tripped by the gladiators as they went by. I determined I could do it another way once I got there.

With the finish line in sight, I put my tactic into action. Instead of trying to avoid the gladiators, I ran straight at them. This, sure enough, confused them. They weren't sure what to do with Jesse charging out them and I wasn't tripped - finishing strong.

Tino Pai!!!!


10K again: Bridge of Flowers 10K (8/14/10)

Event - Bridge of Flowers 10K
Location - Sherbourne Falls, MA
Goal Time - 46:30
Real Time - 47:47 (PR!!!)

I hadn't run a 10K since the 1986 Peachtree Road Race when I was 12 years old. The New England Championship seemed like a great one to try.

Such an idea turned out to be incorrect once I had actually started running. The first two miles were okay. It was the 3rd Mile that killed me. The third mile was straight uphill and into the foot hills of the Berkshires. In the end, I averaged about 7:40 a mile, however the third mile was 10:30. So maybe I could have finished much better without that dreadful mile.

But it still beat my 10K Personal Best!!

Paddle Prattle 2010 - Photo Blog - (7/18/10)


Location: Topsfield and Ipswich, MA
Sights: State Forest, Audubon Society Reserve

Half in the Blues: Boston 13.1 (6/27/10)

Race - Boston 13.1 Half Marathon
Location - Milton, MA
Goal Time - 1:40:00
Actual Time - 1:39:28 (PR!!!)
Finished - 109th Overall/10th in Age group

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Handoff with Urvi and I
photo by Robert Cipriano

Location – Tufts University, Medford, MA
Distance – Team (26.2 Miles)/ Individual (1 Mile)
Goal Time – 5:25 (Kevin’s Mile the week before)
Actual Time – 5:40
Team Finish - Next to last

Memorial Day Yaking (5/31/10)

Location - Charles River, Newton, MA

Max and Jess - one is enjoying kayaking far more than the other

The Indian on the Charles

Andrew and Jess

Excellent Work Andrew - Three Yaks on the Car!

“For the Kids”: Playworks Run for Recess 5k (5/22/10)

Location – Franklin Park
Distance – 5K
Goal Time – 21:42 (7 min/mile)
Actual Time – 21:44 (PR!!!)
Finished – 10th Overall / 2nd in 35+ Age Group