Sunday, October 10, 2010

75% of the way there: Nahant 30K (9/12/10)

Event - 30 K Road Race
Location - Nahant, MA
Goal Time - 2:35:00
Actual Time - 2:26:31 (66th Place)

Since May I have set out a plan for the Bay State Marathon. It set the Boston 13.1 as goal one and the Nahant 30K as goal 2 in route to the marathon.

I rode my bike out to Nahant. I got there in enough time to get my number, stretch, etc. While I had jogged farther in training runs, I was still apprehensive about really running that distance. Nahant might be a peninsula but it is really really hilly.

I finished but had burned myself out trying. On the plus side I broke my 8 minute miles and broke my goal time.

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