Monday, October 25, 2010

In Search of . . . Little Wilson Falls 2


This is a post that is out of place in the time continuum of my blog.

In background, last year my mother and I attempted to find what have been called "The prettiest waterfalls in Maine" but we failed badly (find the blog about that attempt here).

Well, this time around we KNEW where to go.

A left onto the AT led us the correct way. As we went through bogs and wetlands the AT had trackways like Iron Age Somerset.

After crossing the creek again in some difficult hops from rock to rock, we climbed up the AT until we came to:


  1. I see you got to it the official way. As you read in my post, I bushwhacked up the side of the stream instead of fording it. From your descriptions, I'm glad I did.

    1. Actually once we went the right way, it was awesome.

      The trackways and the fordings were both great.

      But if you miss the turn onto the AT from the path off Elliotsville Road - you'll never find it.