Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Search of . . . Little Wilson Falls (8/15/09)

Earlier in the summer my mother and her friend had tried to locate "Little Wilson Falls." It appeared an easy hike in my moms 50 Maine Hikes book.

Well, maybe it was once you found the trailhead. As they crossed and recrossed the stream trying to find the trailhead, they found way more water and rapids than they had anticipated on a land hike. They did find the trail eventually, but by then were tired and went into town and had a beer.

So, mom and I determined to find the Falls on this hike. She knew where to cross the stream and start on the trail.

We successfully navigated the slippery rocks and found the trail. Unfortunately, the map was not as helpful as it could have been and the sign for the left turn onto the AT did not exist.

However, we found the right turn onto the AT and instead hiked up for about 1.5 hours into the Maine woods.

No Little Wilson Falls, but we still had fun.

On our return, we were shown by a man from Bristol, TN how to get to Wilson Falls - next time.

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