Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post-Ride and Weights Protein Smoothie

Banana Vanilla Nutella Smoothie

8 oz Vanilla Soy Milk
2 oz Plain Greek Yogurt
2 scoops vanilla flavored Whey Protein
One Banana
1 heaping tsp (2/3 tbsp?) Nutella


serves 2 normal people or one Jesse...

Back of the Envelope math says: 41 grams of protein, 425 calories.

If I had actually had peanut butter like I thought I did and used it instead of Nutella - 44 grams of protein, 420 calories.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Off Season: 2012

As my 2012 season comes to a close (Season in Review to come), I have to plan my off season.

November will boil to down to 5 compnents:

Strength Training Circuits 3 Times a week
25 Miles a week (all easy pace) running
100 Miles a week (all easy pace) cycling
Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 Miler on Thanksgiving
Black Friday Hundred Mile Bike Ride

December - (preseason)
- Strength Training 2 - 3 Times a week
- Build running 30, 35, 40, 45 miles a week
- 100-125 miles a week cycling
- Track workout once a week
- Mill Cities Relay
- Winter Classic 5k & Jingle Bell Run 5k

Pittsburgh training starts December 25th...

Season Ender: Wolf Socks! (11/3/12)

SRR getting at the start of Wolf Socks!

Race: Jack London Trail Race 10K
Location: Nashua, NH
Goal Time: 45:00
Actual Time 43:08

The damp leaves strewn about the trails were a cool reminder of the end of season.  2012 that had been such a strong season for me was now but a few strides over the browns and reds of fallen leaves.  The older man who told me: "Looking good, only 300 yards left" was both pleasant and some what sad.

Fall was the third and busiest running season for me.  I ran 4 half marathons, a marathon and two Pub Series Races.  The Jack London 10K would culminate the 91 Miles in 35 days of the fall and the 2012 Season.

Walking about before the race Tim commented how some top quality runners were there: 4 from New Balance Boston and 4 from Team Hello Kitty.  "I won't even come in the top 25" he said.  Normally a low-key race there were quite a few fast people.

The race itself held nothing spectacular for me.  I ran the first four miles quite well.  In fact, by mile four I had caught up and passed Emma and Anthony.

Mile 5 told a different story:  Dan, Emma and Anthony all passed me.

I regrouped for the last mile, and was able to even make it easily over the last annoying Walter Payton type training hill:

I managed to dash the last 300 yards and almost catch Emma again, coming in well below my goal time and breaking 7 minute miles (unprecedented for me in a trail race).

Mama Larmuth's White Chicken Chili was a great way to finish off the race and the season.

Urvi and I sporting this year's Wolf Socks! (Anthony is in last year's)

SRR Shoutouts -

- Emma Kosciak almost defended her Wolf Socks title, finishing second overall and first in her age group.
- Korynn matched her 3rd place age group from last year
- Erin Morin and Florentien each took third in their age groups.
- John Wichers finished in second in his.
- Tim Morin DID finish in the top 25 - 15th.