Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday; Good RideDay

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April 10, 2009
Distance: 30 miles
Location: Somerville, Arlington, Lexington, Bedford and Billerica, MA
Sights: Minuteman and Narrow Gauge Rail-Trails
Difficulty: Easy except sandy bits at the end of Narrow Gauge

It was obvious where the town line into Billerica (or as my 11th Grade Computer always called it: "Beautiful Downtown Billerica"). The Narrow-Gauge trail had been carrying me over crushed gravel and dirt along a quiet wooded route like the fire woods in the Fells. Then, WHAM! sand five inches deep. It was like hitting the cobblestones in L'Enfer du Nord without expecting it! I slid and skidded for a few feet. Fortunately the trail is only another 100 yards or so after the town line.

Good Friday was one of those rare days in New England - Spring. It was 55 F and sunny; At about 2pm I decided that the call for rain by the weathermen was not happening. Thus out onto the roads I went to find this Narrow Gauge trail I'd read about. I took the Minuteman all the way up. After a brief rest I continued on and found the next trail. The Narrow Gauge is paved for about a block and a half. Then after crossing the Great Road it turns to crushed gravel. It's not good for a road bike (at least not those who concern themselves with the safety of the bike). But on Schwarzfahrer, my commuter/hybrid, it was fine.

Those who get to the end of the the Minuteman and are looking to ride just a little bit more, should check it out. Links to all three rail-trails at Bedford Depot can be found here: