Monday, March 5, 2018

Running the Upside Down Cow: Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler (2/17/18)

Race: Martha's Vineyard
Location: Martha's Vineyard, MA (Vineyard Haven to Edgartown and back to Oak Bluffs)
Goal Time: 2:32:30
Actual Time: 2:34:30 (2nd, Clydesdale)

I'm a bit behind on this blog, this is taken from my RunningAHEAD recap:

I had a pretty good plan:

8 miles easy
4 MP
4 MP-5
4 MP-10

Started out with Bolt, CA, Tim, Dennis and Sean, Sr. At Mile 6, I went from easy to less easy. At 8, I was going to drop it down to current MP (7:25). I tried, however, I needed to stop and retie my right shoe. Then I got back on track from 9-12. I was going to make 13 another MP. But that's when drinking til 2:45 with Tim and Scott started to effect me. I had some stomach problems after a chug of water at mile 12.5. Had to fight through that mile and then the next, I overcompensated on 14. It took me a little more than a mile to recover. At mile 17, I dropped to MP -10. That only lasted a little more than a mile. The miles caught up with me. 7:45/mi would be a BQ, so I can't be too unhappy.

Perceived Effort -10 - 20 mile race; really put it all out there. Nearly collapsed at the finish.

Mood - 7 - Man, everything was awesome. Weather; time; wind. Sadly, Scott, Tim and I had decided to drink until way past bedtime.

Pop - 4 - Tired legs from the middle-upper level training week. Each mile where I tried a pickup, I felt the weakness in the calves and quads. But as it got later, the inner quad felt like it was tearing from the tired legs.

I came in at my slowest Martha's ever. However, from my launch point of only Jan 1, I think I'm doing well. This race put me on target for this year's plan.

2nd Place, Clydesdales