Monday, May 25, 2015

Double Paddle; Double Bike: Memorial Day Weekend (5/22 - 5/25/15)

Boston Common
37,000 flags, each representing a Bay Stater killed in action from Lexington to Tirkit

Friday: Nooks and Crannies Paddle

Paddle: Science Park, Cambridgeside, Zakim and Charles River Lagoon
Distance: 5 miles

We got out of work on Friday early.  I went east toward the Charles River Dam and west through the lagoon.

Green Line bridge

North Point Park, Cambridge

Rail Bridge, North Station

Under the Zakim

Union Club Boathouse, Boston

Cannon and Hatch Shell

Tree on the Esplanade

Fountain in the Lagoon

Drawbridge Tower

Saturday: North Concord 50 Ride
Ride: Carlisle, Concord, Bedford
Distance: 50 miles

Urvi and I - and a dozen others on our Cyclotron team - will be doing the Tour de Cure Kennebunks so we did a fifty mile training ride Saturday.  We rode through beautiful parts of Carlisle, Bedford and Concord.


Beaver lodge or dam

Road sign, Carlisle

Sharing lunch with an Explorer - Fern's, Carlisle

Fern's, Carlisle

Sunday: Not Quite to the Lamb Ride

Ride: Hudson, Bolton, Harvard, Stow, Acton, Concord

Sunday, Jason who is training for the B2VT 130 mile ride - just to one up my 100 miler. So I put together a ride based on the Boston 107K from New England Randonneurs. While not all the way out to Sterling, it still got in the monster hills.

Jason in Bolton

Fruitlands Overlook

Lunch - Turkey, Bacon, Tomato and Avacado Panini
Harvard General Store

Jason after his omlette
Harvard General Store

Harvard, MA


Me and the Egg - Stow
photo by Jason L.

Bedford Depot

Monday: Charles River Park -> Nahanton Park
Paddle: Down the Charles from Needham to Dedham to Newton
Distance: 9 miles
Pivo Index: 1

Charles River Canoe and Kayak has a great shuttle trip out of Nahanton Park.  Dropped off at Charles River Park you paddle 9-10 miles back to Newton's Nahanton Park.  We stopped in Dedham/West Roxbury at Spring Street Cafe for a good sandwich and a Laganitas.  At this point the Charles is lined with beautiful park land and reservations.  Great way to finish off a three day weekend.

Urvi in Central - en route to Newton

Urvi on the Blue Heron Bridge, Waltham

Urvi looking down River


Low Bridge

Dragon Boats



Emma and a Canada Goose

Felix and Lauren

Andrew and Jessi

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Birds, The Burgh and The Moose (5/15-5/17/15)

From the Clemente Bridge

Jeff and Melissa got married in Pittsburgh this weekend.  So Urvi & I flew out Thursday Night.

I had a couple nice runs along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers,

Friday to Tony D's restaraunt on the Northside:

Saturday out and back along the Allegheny:

Then Urvi and I went to the National Aviary before the wedding on Friday:

National Aviary

Hanging Out

Urvi and the Rhino billed Tucans

Russian Sea Eagles

Where's my Fruit Loops?

Slothful Sloth


It might look like a duck, but...


At the Rain forest feeding

Other Scenes from the 'Burgh:

Me and Willie

CJ, me, Urvi and Kate met up for a drink

Our loft Airbnb

Jeff and Melissa

Pirate Parrot at Jeff and Melissa's Wedding (not at the Aviary)

Turducken Burger

Don't Move Urvi, there's a TRex right behind you

Sunday, back in Boston, Lisa, Urvi and I did the Blue Moose ride:

Distance: 72 Miles
Where: Blue Hills, Sharon, Foxboro, Mansfield, Stony Brook Reservation, Arboretum, Emerald Necklace

Urvi at the Mass Ave Bridge

Pond in Foxboro

Lisa and Urvi on the Ride

Apparently if you go right, you fall over while trying to ice skate...