Friday, April 17, 2015

T Minus 4 Days: Sean Collier Run (4/16/15)

Sean Collier, MIT and Somerville police officer
killed in the line of duty by the Tsarnaevs 4/18/15

Two years ago on the Thursday night after the marathon, our club was at a vigil for the victims at Somerville City Hall.  Afterward, there were murmurs about a shooting at MIT.  Our friend who is a Cambridge cop, had to work a double shift that night.  There was a carjacking by the expected terrorists (which later turned out to happen across the street from my parents house!).  In the morning, we were on lockdown and the area around Urvi's apartment was cordoned off because it was near the Tsarnaev's apartment. 

In remembrance of the MIT police officer, Sean Collier, who was killed SRR now dedicates the Thursday Night Run before the marathon to him.  

We also have a big Pasta meal after the run and SRR gets a group picture of all the members running Boston.
Somerville Class of 2015 

Story on Fox 25 about the Sean Collier Run


Since Baske Ostarije was stolen, I've been riding Ajax Telemon to and from work.  This is annoying and hard for a multiplicity of reasons:

- I feel unsafe in traffic hunched over;
- I don't have saddlebags so I have to wear a backpack;
- It's a little dangerous in rain with the narrow slick tires; and,
- I pop tires in the city on it all the time.

Sure enough, this morning I had a popped tire.  So I had to go back to the house and repair it.  Add 15 minutes to my morning!

Weather update: 

Monday's forecast is now on the 5-Day weather forecast! Now the chance of PM rain is 90%.  But the temp is supposed to be between 48°F and 50°F.

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