Friday, September 27, 2013

Around the World and Back: Francis Drake and the 5k (9/26/2013)

SRR Series winners - Joe - 3rd overall, me - 1st 30-39 age group, Gordon - 1st 50-59 age group, Kieran - 1st overall 
Race: Thursday Night Run #6
Location: Boston, MA
Goal Time: 19:00
Actual time: 19:24

On September 26, 1580, Francis Drake and 59 other crew members sailed their ship, the Golden Hind, into Portsmouth Harbor.  Drake became only the second mission to complete the circumnavigation of the Earth - the first famously being Magellan (who of course actually died en route).

On September 26, 2013 The Race Menu Thursday Night Series had it's finishing.  After six circumnavigations - May, June, July, August, September - of the Elliot-Arsenal Bridge Sections of the Charles River.

This sixth and last race was the nicest weather of them all.  Unfortunately I wasn't in tip top shape for it.  About a mile and a half in, I kinda gave out and spent the last mile and a half hanging on.  I did manage a good sprint from the quarter pole in....

My 19:24 is probably still one of my top 10 5k times and was able to secure me the Series age-group championship.

Drake was knighted and became a rich man; I won a t-shirt.

The after party was at Tommy Doyle's and included Rapscallion Honey.


Personal Records: Tommy B, Anthony, Bradley and Brendan C
Bradley won the age group for the race
Jenn won the women's race
SRR won the team competition
Kieran and Joe took 1st and 3rd overall for the series
Me, Gordon and Barbara won our age groups for the series

Anachronistic painting of Drake being knighted by Queen Elizabeth
Apparently the physical knighting was done by a French diplomat.

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