Monday, September 16, 2013

Flying the Gull: Lone Gull 10K (9/15/13)

Lone Gull; I'm in Black, Andy's in Blue and Matt is in Yellow on the left

Race: Lone Gull 10K
Location: Gloucester, MA
Goal Time: 45:00??
Actual Time: 42:11

I stood at the start line and realized: I'm a little tired.  The day before I had done the Reach the Beach relay with the Fighting Guppies.  Then, I did a warm up with Sean and Brian.  I realized my warm up was about the pace I planned to race at.  Well, we'll see...

Stupidly, (or ingeniously) I took off toward a PR in the 10k - either I could do it or I couldn't I figured.  At mile 1.5 I realized I couldn't.  Matt and Sean Sr. passed me.  Then it was 4.5 miles of just hanging on trying to stay below 7 minute miles (I failed in Mile 4).

There was a short hill at mile six and a long downhill into the finish.  Tim told me to "use my weight and pass Mariah."  I didn't.

5 out of 7 USATF races done.  Next up:

9/22 - Tavern to Tavern
9/29 - Nahant 30K (USATF Grand Prix)
10/13 - Wayland XC Festival (Cross Country Grand Prix)
10/27 - Mayor's Cup (Cross Country Grand Prix)
11/3 - Manchester City Marathon (USATF Grand Prix)

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