Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winni, Winni, Chicken Dinni: Lake Winnipesaukee Relay (9/7/13)

Team Picture (back Dan, John, Marc, Tim; front - Steve, Aaron, Seth, Jesse)
Race: Lake Winnipesaukee Relay
Location: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Goal Time: 1:20:00
Actual Time: 1:17:04
Relay Time: 8:37:58
Pivo Index: 1; apparently it's already invented and it's a snakebite, not a "shander." (Not enough people like Portmanteaus - portmanteaux?)

Seth, Tim and I were standing in the parking lot of El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant awaiting Aaron to run by.  We were talking to two people from the Wicked Running Club.  The woman asked us: "What running club are you guys from?  You're so much bigger than most runners."

Indeed.  Each of us are over 6 foot 200 lbs.  Not your typical runners.  The Kings of Beer - as the Clydesdale team - are the big guys.

We ran it last year; but with Johnnie O on daddy duty and Tim Harden in St Louis on uncle duty we needed to pick up two new Kings. Enter Tim Sullivan and Steve Smrcina.  The eight of us brought it ...

Along Leg One
This year we mixed up the legs so that everyone could do different ones.

LEG ONE – Jesse
Distance:  10.7 miles
Time: 1:17:04

LEG TWO – Seth
Distance: 11 miles
Time: 1:30:13

Obligatory picture of the Kings on thrones
Distance: 9.3 Miles
Time: 1:11:42

Distance: 4 Miles
Time: 31:20
Aaron and Marc right at the 5/6 exchange (John and Dan in the background)

Distance: 10.4 Miles
Time: 1:37:55

LEG SIX - Aaron
Distance: 6.4 Miles
Time: 52:11
A six pack of kings - complete with Vuvuzela
Distance: 8.5 Miles
Time: 56:43

Distance: 4.4 Miles
Time: 40:49
Steve "The Toledo Torpedo" running the anchor leg
There are rumors this may have been the last Lake Winnepesaukee Relay, which would be distressing.  But I'm already looking into new venues for the Kings of Beer: Vermont? Nova ScotiaNevadaNorway?

SRR Shoutouts:

Beer of Kings (clever play on our name) - 3rd overall
Aged with Attitude - 1st 50+
En Fuego and Chafin the Dream - 1st and 3rd womens'

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