Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kings of Beer: Lake Winnipesaukee Relay (9/8/12)

Kings of Beer (back, Tim, John W., Marc, John O; front Dan, Seth, Jesse, Aaron)

Race: Lake Winnipesaukee Relay
Location: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Goal Time: 1:08:00
Actual Time: 1:09:37 (4 minutes faster than last year)
Relay Time: 8:26:17

“He was a wise man who invented beer”
Something Plato never actually had Socrates say

Dan and John at the 1/2 Exchange

I don’t get the picture that anyone actually “invented” beer anyways.  In fact, I picture some woman in Mesopotamia realizing her fruit and barley drink had gone bad and then making her sons pour it out. 

-          Son #1: “I dare you to drink it”
-          Son #2: “Oh yeah, I triple dog dare you to drink it!”

What normal person would drink something that has microbes growing in it?  Most of the time that means your food has gone bad!

Regardless of what pair of teenage sons in Iraq first triple dog dared each other in Akkadian to drink the first beer, it has come down to us as staple drink.  However, in the US there was a virtual dark ages in beer.  Between the end of Prohibition and the early 1990s, virtually the only beer we could get was crap.  So crappy that Miller could get away with calling themselves the “Champaign of Beers”; Schlitz could claim it “made Milwaukee famous”; and a St Louis company with crap beer and a big ad budget could claim they were the “King of Beers.”

Kings on their Thrones

Alas, from such advertising came the Clydesdale division of racing (190 lbs +) and the great relay team “Kings of Beer.”  In a continuation and extension of the Mill Cities team, we ran this year’s Lake Winnipesaukee relay:

John on Leg One
LEG ONE – John W.
Distance:  10.7 miles
Time: 1:10:38

Distance: 11 miles
Time: 1:20:54

Dan and Jesse at the 2/3 exchange
Distance: 9.3 Miles
Time: 1:09:37

Distance: 4 Miles
Time: 41:59

Distance: 10.4 Miles
Time: 1:15:13

At the 7/8 Exchange

LEG SIX - Seth
Distance: 6.4 Miles
Time: 51:01

Distance: 8.5 Miles
Time: 1:14:33

Distance: 4.4 Miles
Time: 40:09
Aaron running in the last quarter mile

Kings of Beer finished in 12th and 8th in Men's Open

SRR other teams also took high finishes:
1st Overall (Quadzilla)
3rd Overall and 1st Seniors (Redenbachers)
4th Overall and 3rd Men's Open (Thigh Popping Success)
1st and 2nd Women's Open (Stud Chicks and Chafin' the Dream)

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