Friday, August 9, 2013

Get Lucky: Thursday Night Run #4 (8/8/13)

Start line
You can't hide that much at the front when you're 6'3" 225 and wearing bright yellow

Race: Thursday Night Run #4
Distance: 5k
Goal Time: 19:30
Actual Time: 19:46

Awaiting the start, the catchy/annoying Daft Punk song that's sweeping America started playing. Crap, I thought, Now this will be stuck in my head.

At the start of the race, Megan and I ran behind Anthony Dan McGinty.  At the first mile, we were at 6:09.

It seemed that Megan was speeding up as we passed the quarter pole.  But, really, I was slowing down. My legs were tired from workouts earlier in the week. Alas: "We're up for good fun."

The third mile was a fight.  I tried to keep up speed on my burnt out legs.  There was one guy I kept passing who would then sprint in front of me and then slow down.  I determined to ignore him and just expect it.

In the last three races, Somerville and Cambridge have traded off the team competition.  So with about a half mile left, two Cambridge runners passed me.  I realized I had to beat the woman. I planned to keep her in reach.  For the next half mile I was behind the Cambridge girl and the sprinting guy.

As we passed the 3 mile mark, I made my move.  First I passed the Cambridge girl - who caught onto my tail as I passed sprinting guy.  We came in seconds apart.  Hopefully this was enough for the team win.  Hopefully I get lucky.

I didn't.  Cambridge beat us by 13 seconds.

The after party was at Tommy Doyle's with Mayflower Summer Rye. Tommy Doyle's stuck us in the basement this time (I suspect the runners are crappy tippers).

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