Monday, August 5, 2013

Pedals, Paddles, Puddles and Puppies: 5th Anniversary PPWW Hike (8/4/13)

Max, Jess, Andrew, Andy, Emma and I
wet and wild at the bottom
Trip: Mt. Moosilauke Hike
Sights: White Mountains, Waterfalls
Distance: 2.14 Miles
Pivo Index: 1

On the way down, Andrew and I discussed that trip to America's Stonehenge five years ago:

"Not as rainy as that"

"Nope, there were sheets of rain," he said. "I'm not sure it was safe to drive but we were cycling in it.  This is better."

Then minutes later he said: "Oh hail; it wasn't hailing five years ago."


Andy, Emma and I drove up from Winter Hill and met Andrew, Jess and Max on the way.  We pulled into the parking lot.  Andy and I discussed how we didn't have any wet weather gear.  But that was okay: it didn't look like rain.

As we left the lot and into the woods, a sign warned us of tragic results:

The Beaver Brook trail took us up along the brook that was a constant drop all the way down to the notch. The waterfalls were so beautiful.

Andy and Emma

As we started climbing up, the trail became cool railroad tie like stairs mixed with sheets of granite.  But soon, the rain put a damper on things:

Andrew and Andy hide under the canopy

When the thunder started thundering, we decided to head back down.

So it was a rain shortened but still fun hike.  Many next time.

Max: In action (T) and at rest (B).
While we did around 2 miles, Max probably hiked more like 5 as scout, herder and finder of brooks

Afterwards, we headed over to the Common Man in Lincoln for Lobster Mac and Cheese and Moops Moor Porter.

Moops Moor Porter

Biggest tub of Sweet Baby Ray's ever 
Review of Beaver Brook Trail by someone who made it.

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