Monday, August 19, 2013

Elegance, Engines and Exciting Features: Race to the Row (8/18/13)

Start of the Race
Photo by Thomas Cole

Race: Race to the Row
Location: Somerville, MA
Goal Time: 20:00
Actual Time: 20:25

"You bought an Edsel!" ~Peggy Sue Got Married

In 1958, the Ford Assembly plant in Somerville, MA closed.  It's biggest problem wasn't the cost of workers or the cost of transport up the Mystic.  It was the cars they built.  The last year of production at the plant was all Edsel Citations and Corsairs.  All Edsels were famous for their ultimate failure.

The area has since been a supermarket distribution center, a mall and now part is a shopping plaza.  The remainder is being rebuilt as a multi-use development - retail, residential, commercial and a new Orange Line Subway station.

As part of the introduction to the new project, the developer and Somerville Road Runners paired up to introduce the new Race to the Row 5k.

The course was perfect for a fast flat 5k.  The weather was fantastic.  Unfortunately, I felt terrible from the previous night's dinner party.

Tigger emulates how I felt
photo by Urvi Mujumdar

Unlike the Edsel that was thrown into an uncomfortable slot of cars -  Is it cheaper than a Mercury?  Is it supposed to be a step up from Mercury? - Race to the Row is nicely fit into the Somerville/Cambridge race season.  With the decline in interest in the Summer Steamer, August was spent awaiting the Tavern to Tavern 5k in September.

The gun went off, I kept about 20 to 30 yards behind Tim Harden and Cake Hails.  As we passed mile 1, I saw my watch at 5:55.  Too bad my legs were done.  At mile 1 and a half, three guys passed me.  At mile 2, Jesus and Dan passed me.  I had nothing left.  Even at mile 3 with just a sprint left, nothing...

I finished 18th and 9th in my age group...

On the plus side Cross country season starts next week:  Thomas Chamberas 6k

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