Friday, June 7, 2013

5-K on D-Day: RaceMenu Thursday Night Series #2 (6/6/13)

Dan and I finishing the first race in May
Race:  Thursday Night Run #2
Distance: 5k
Goal Time: 19:50
Actual Time: 20:05

I was not storming the beaches.  Nor was I dropping behind enemy lines.  Nor did I blast the shores from a warship.  I just ran, because 69 years ago my grandfather's generation did all of those things at Normandy and throughout the world so I could just run.

While we were sitting around the house in Maine, drinking some of his delicious summer homebrew, Scot and I discussed what's next.

In a fanciful flight that can only exist in a crazy runner's world.  Scot and I were done with the Pineland Farms 50k and now had to immediately start training for the 26 x 1 mile relay 4 weeks later.

So my fast turn-around training plan for the next two weeks is 2 track workouts a week, November Project's Tour de Stade, and a race each week.  Next week is the USATF championship downhill Hollis 5k.  This week was the second of the Race Menu Thursday Night Series.

After the tough track/hill workout on Tues and the Tour de Stade on Wed, the most I hoped for was to run a Threshold workout (6:24/mi) on the course.  At the gun, I went with the crowd.  I felt tired but I didn't blame that on the speed but on the sore legs.  I kept Dan in sight since he said he didn't expect to do much.

After we crossed the river and hit mile 1 mark my watched beeped.  I looked down - 6:08.  Not only was this not LT, it was on pace for my 3rd or 4th fastest 5k ever.  I knew it wouldn't last and that I shouldn't even try.  So, I pulled down to my Threshold pace for the next mile and tapered off from there.

Coming in at 20:05, I just missed averaging my LT and finished in 35th.

Finished the night with a trip to Tommy Doyle's in Harvard with Slumbrew's uninspired Attic and Eaves and Shipyard's perfectly serviceable Summer Ale.

Joe, Kieran and Bradley took 3, 4, 5
Dan finished with a 5k PR
Jenn R won the women's only race
SRR won the team award

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