Monday, June 3, 2013

Yakedty Yak: Kayaking the Charles (6/2/13)

Harvard and the Footbridge
Trip: Brighton Dock to BU Bridge and back
Distance: 5 miles
Sights: Harvard, Cambridge, BU
Pivo index: 8

Another busy weekend for Urvi and I.  On Saturday we went to the American Craft Brewery Festival at the World Trade Center.  In the great hall there were 100 or so brewers with 2 oz taste tests.  I thought the best I had was Stone of Destiny.

BU Bridge, Rail Bridge, Back Bay
On Sunday we decided to take a trip on the Charles.  The Charles River Canoe and Kayak advertises a one-way rental.  However, I'm starting to believe that's just a ruse.  Sunday was the third time I have tried to do this rental, and for the third time I was told yet another reason why it can't be done: "We just found out that Kendall is closed because of [weather, construction, etc.].  I'm beginning to think it's just a bait-and-switch to get people down there.  Urvi and I had wanted to paddle down to Kendall and then meet some folks at Meadhall.

Urvi and I thus, readjusted our plans for an out and back.  We got great views of Cambridge and Harvard (and I guess BU, but it's kinda ugly).  Afterwards, we went to John Harvard's in Harvard Sq.
John Harvard's
Urvi with John Harvard's IPA)

Still would love to try the trip to Kendall again later this year to try to catch glimpses of downtown and Beacon Hill; or at least to hear their newest excuses why they aren't letting people do it: "We just found out that Kendall was closed because of ...." (Wild Turkey attacks? Freak Canoe Jackknife? Godzilla?)

Old Bathhouse, Cambridge

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