Monday, June 30, 2014

Field Trip!: USATF-NE Track Meet (6/29/14)

Shot Put
Meet: USATF-NE Outdoor Championships
Events: Shot Put and High Jump

I stood there at the shot put pit Coach Rod asked me what was going on.  I tried to explain that I was trying to get a throw in with the 50+ group since I had to get back to the high jump area.

"Are you doing two events at the same time?" he asked.


Fortunately it didn't mean I had two bad events.  Instead, I had one great one and one terrible one.

High Jump
High Jump
Previous (adult) PR: 1.42 meters (4'8")

Steve was going to start at 1.02 meter.  So, I said I would do that and then run back over to the shot put and see what I could do.  I cleared 3'4" with ease.  Thanked the official and told him I'd be right back once I got a throw in at the Shot Put.

Shot Put
Previous PR: 8.85 meters (29' even)

So after I had cleared a basic height in the High Jump, I convinced them to let me make a throw with the 50+ flight, so at least I had one throw in.  My work on the glide turned out okay.  The measurement was 8.91 meters - 16lb PR! (I threw 37' in high school but that was a 12 pounder.)

High Jump
Well, by the time I got back to the High Jump - it was up to 1.45 meters.  So, I didn't get to try from around 4 feet before moving up.  Three straight jumps and three straight failures.  On the plus side it got me back to the shot put pit.  (I did win my age group and was 3rd master since I was the only one in my age group and there were only 3 masters).

Shot Put
Shot Put
As I jogged back across the track (avoiding disrupting the 200).  I got back into the under 50 shot put flight at throw 2 and still had 5 throws.  With a PR under my belt, I went for it.  My next toss broke 9 meters and my third one was 9.49 meters!

The last two I was kinda playing around trying to find my glide into max distances.  If you see the picture, you'll notice my foot is a good foot or so from the end of the circle.  That's just an extra foot I threw that didn't count.  So, I kept trying to get it so I was actually throwing closer to where they measure from.  Each felt weird as I was worried about fouling.  While I didn't think any were good throws, they all broke 9 meters. Every throw (put) was above my previous PR.  AND, this year I didn't come last in my flight.  Took 2nd in my age group.

Emer in 5000m

Joe in the 5000m

5000 meter winner, Men's

Mike Quinn finishing the 5000m

Womens' 5000 winner

Endurance Underground
Rod helping out with the blocks

Emma on way to 2nd

Emma and Urvi cheering me in the Shot Put

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