Monday, June 30, 2014

PPSS14: Paddle Prattle & Saddle Skedaddle 2014 (6/28/14)

Saddle Skedaddle
Trip: C-I-C (Cambridge-Ipswich-Cambridge)
Distance: 75 miles
Sights:  Beautiful downtown Malden, Independence Greenway in Peabody, Danvers Rail-Trail and Topsfield Linear Common (Plus the sketchy half mile section from Peabody to Danvers)

Ridouts met us in Cambridge at 7:30 and we rolled out and then met with TM in the Inman Square area before riding all the way (35 miles) to Ipswich and Foote Brothers Canoe.
Urvi, Eva and Matt, Cambridge

Matt and Eva, Danvers

Topsfield bike path

Paddle Prattle
Trip: Ipwich River
Distance: 7.9 miles
Sights: Ipswich River wildlife sanctuary, Bradley Palmer State Park

I thought about it and I've been doing this trip since 2003.  Still one of my favorite trips ever.  I just love it. It's currently ranked #9 on my TOP TRIP list.  Foote Brothers drives you up river and you unpack the Canoes and kayaks and it's about 7-8 miles down river.  This year 15 of us made the trip: Me, Urvi, Chris, Alison, Scott, Julie, Ryan, Amie, Matt, Eva, Steve, Deb, Tinamarie, Andy and C-A. We had a perfect day for it - 80 and sunny!

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In the swampy lands

Watching out for trees

TM and Andy


Eva and Matt (with his awesome Canoeing Hat)

Scott, Julie, CA, Eva and Matt

The fleet coming up on the Horse Bridge
Afterwards we had Pizza and Beer at Choate Bridge Pub and Urvi and I rode back to Cambridge... It was Urvi's Miles in a Day PR!

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