Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Shhhh! The Silent City: Malta, Day 9, Mdina (3/11/2017)

Cathedral in Mdina
Our last day in Malta - Urvi's Birthday - we took a one hour bus ride to the old capital - Mdina (The Silent City).

Old capped Well

Main gate from inside

Streets ready for Lent

St Paul's grotto.
St. Paul shipwrecked off the coast of Malta.  And when rescued, was brought ashore.
He is said to have preached beneath the city in this grotto.



Large bronze seal from the weird museum

Mosaic on the floor of a Roman House

I, Claudius, have no nose
in the sitting room of the Roman villa
Fontanella Tea Garden

In the Tea Garden with a Erdinger Dunkel on the bastion of Mdina overlooking most of Malta

Shields and whatnot
We had a birthday dinner at the Westin's fine dining restaurant - Quatro

Gozo Rose and dessert!

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