Friday, March 10, 2017

Cittadella: Malta Day 7, Gozo Citadel and Lord Chambray (3/9/2017)

Life Size picture frame - Ghajnsielem, Gozo
Today, Urvi and I walked to the Cittadella in Gozo's capital - Victoria or Rabat (about 6km).  Then visited the museums etc.  On the way back we stopped at Lord Chambray - the local craft brewery.

Gozo grain fields

Bronze Age grain silos, Cittadella

Urvi in the stocks

In jail without the Bail

Lunch at Ta' Rikardu

Drum at Folk Museum

model of fishing boat - Folk Musuem

Toward Ramla Bay from the Cittadella walls

Urvi on the Cittadella Walls toward Ghajnsielem

Cannons to the right of her

Its the Popa!

Lord Chambray
Taps at Lord Chambray

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