Saturday, March 11, 2017

Beer vs. Wine: Malta, Day 8 - Back to Malta (3/10/2017)

There is now a ferry involved -
Heading back to Malta
Friday we left beautiful Gozo to return to the island of Malta.

Last views of Gozo on a rave run -

Then on Malta -
View from Hotel room - St. Julian's

Dragonara Casino where I lost 20 euros and Urvi lost 10 (and I paid 8 for a Belgian IPA)

Then we finished up the night with  Beer vs.Wine dinner.  Each course had one wine and one beer paired.

Amouse Bouche with Belgian wit and Provencal Rose

Mediterranean shrimp over scallop ceviche with dry stout and Gerwurtstaimer 

Pork Duo - belly and cheek - with IPA and Lagrein Cantine Terlano

Baked Cheesecake with Winter Ale and Port
In the end wine won but all of it was great.

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