Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Remember Remember the 25th of May: Run to Remember (5/25/14)

In front of 60 State Street - still hanging with John Chesto (and Aharon hiding behind me)
Photo by Tofu Pup

Race: Run to Remember 5 miler
Location: Seaport, Boston
Goal Time: 32:30
Actual Time: 32:23 (2nd, Age Group; 15th, overall)

At 5:45, I was definitely dreading this race.  I had planned to run down to the Seaport as a warm up for the race.  I didn't get out of bed until the last possible second and put on my bib number (I could only find 3 safety pins from the bag).  Finally by 6:10 or so I made my way out the door and on toward Kendall Square and the City beyond.

By the time I got to the Seaport, I felt much better and was almost ready to race.  I started out a little slowly. I realized that John Chesto from Greater Boston was right in front of me.  Based on his speed, I figured he was probably doing the Half Marathon.  Also, his half marathon pace is probably close to (if not a little faster than) my five mile pace.  So I figured I'd grab onto his back and follow.

Run to Remember runs right through downtown.  (It's the only race I know of that does this.)  So we ran from the Seaport onto Atlantic and then took the left onto State Street and into the Financial District. It being a three day weekend Sunday - it was EMPTY. Anthony and Amy were stationed in front of my old office building (from now 18 years ago), 60 State Street as we took the right onto Congress.

Apparently Chesto and his buddy realized they had put in a slow first mile and dropped the speed a little. Going into the West End and taking the right onto Cambridge street, I noticed I was having a bit of trouble hanging with them but did my best as we went onto Charles Street in Beacon Hill.  I was, a little spent at this point.  Aharon, who was running the half marathon, had quickly caught back up with me as I slowed at mile two and let the Greater Boston guys go off.  

On Beacon the Half and the 5-Mile split.  I wished Aharon good luck and about 5% of the people in the pack took the left with me onto Arlington and around the Public Garden.  I saw a small group about two blocks ahead of me.  I determined my goal was to catch them.  Little by Little, as we circled the Public Garden and went into Chinatown and Downtown Crossing, I was bringing them back.  Mile 4 was in Post Office Square.  We hit a left onto High and a quick Right onto congress before heading back to the Waterfront.

By the time we reached the new Moakley Bridge back into the Seaport, I realized I couldn't catch that group, despite making up a city block in a mile and a half.  I think this ended my desire.  I looked back atop the Moakley Bridge and there was nobody behind me.  So I just eased my way down Northern Ave. Seaport Blvd. to a dance version of "Sweet Caroline".

I had enough to sprint from Whiskey Priest to the World Trade Center and finish with a 32:23.  This got me 15th overall and 2nd in my age group.  Got to watch other SRR's finish and ran into people - including Kathy DeAmeral who (formally one of my cigarette buddies back in the day) also ran the 5 miler.

Shout outs -
Aharon ran his first long race in a year really well
Kimi had a 5 mile PR!

Aharon and I (with my first coffee of the day)
Photo by Tofu Pup

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