Monday, June 6, 2016

JKP - Just Keep Paddlin': Glen Doherty Cup & Freedom Run (6/5/16)

Start of Kayak Race
All photos from Cambridge 5k and Alan Scherer
Part 1
Discipline: Kayak 
Distance: 0.75 miles
Goal Time: 8:00
Actual Time: 8:02

Last year, I got boxed in at the start.  This year I was determined for that not to happen.  So I made sure I was on the front line at the horn.   Basically, there are two strategies I can think of for a 0.75 kayak race.

1) Mark Cavendish Strategy - Attempt to keep with leaders and sprint to the finish.
2) Fabian Cancellara Strategy - Get out front, put your head down and treat it like a time trial: Just Keep Paddlin' - JKP.

Last year, within a few hundred yards I was in third and stuck behind a tactical battle between first and second.  This year, I didn't want that to happen.

At the horn I put in 15-20 sprint strokes and got myself into the lead.  I made the turn off the Broad Canal and onto the River with at least a couple yards of lead.  At this point, I made up my mind.  I was going with JKP.

Joe and Andy were acting as my spotters.  10 meters behind... Great, I can't let him close - JKP

By about 4 minutes in, my pecs and trapezii were on fire.  I glanced at my watch and thought two things.  First, it's like running the mile and I made it to lap 3.  Second, JKP!

At the turn off the river and into the Cambridgeside Canal, I got: "You're opening the lead." But I wasn't sure if Andy had said opening or closing.  So I went with JKP.

I went under the Cambridge Parkway Bridge and ready to gun the sprint. It's much further to the finish line on the river than it is on the bank...  Oh well, JKP.

I pulled my way through my burning trapezii, built into 5-10 intermediate paddles and into 10 or so sprints to win the kayak race by 14 seconds! 

Finish and roaring to victory!

Dana - third master in run

Part Two
Discipline: Run
Distance: 5 kilometers
Goal Time: 18:30
Actual Time: 19:22

Yeah, this didn't go as well as the kayak race...

But, in the end, the guy who finihed seconds behind me in the kayak race beat me by 3 minutes in the run to take the Glen Doherty Cup.  

SRR - Team Champs!

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