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Yak and Scurry: Glen Doherty Cup (6/7/15)

Photo Finish of the Kayak Race - I was third
photo from Cambridge 5k and Tamagini Visuals

Cambridge 5k who puts on Yulefest and Craicfest put on a 5k in June - Freedom Run.  Part of the Freedom Run is the Glen Doherty Cup, which is a .75 mile kayak race and then the regular 5k race - best total time wins.

Part 1 - Kayak 
Distance: .75 miles
Course: Kendall Square Kayak Rental to Cambridgeside Galeria
Goal Time: 8:30
Actual Time 8:16

I thought I was in trouble.  As the 25 people in the kayak race lined up at the start line I was stuck in the second row.  On the start, sure enough, the two women in front of me started paddling but weren't actually going.  And, four guys took off into the lead and had 50 yards on me by the time I got through the traffic.

As you leave the Broad Canal, the course turns left into the Charles River.  Here there are two ways to go: Right around the marina or left along the wall - inside the marina.  Until recently I didn't even know you could go that way.  It's much faster.

Since I was in 6th, I was watching those ahead of me play out.  Two guys went right and three went left.  I kept behind the three who went left.  Fortunately the wind and waves were low. (The disadvantage is that on a choppy day, the waves will double on you by rebounding off the wall.) I passed one of the three guys who went left and tried to catch up with the two leaders.

Ahead of me there was some full NASCAR going on as the two jockeyed for position and the leader cut the other off when we went under the little bridge that goes to the marina.  I had settled into a comfortable pace that was slightly behind them.  As we approached the last turn at the Science Museum down the Lechmere Canal, I determened my plan was to pull out a hard sprint in the last 200 yards.

Unfortunately the other two guys had the same plan.  There was no change in position or even distance between us.  I pulled in in third place, three seconds behind going into the run.

Part 2 - Run
Distance: 5 km
Course: Lechemere - Kendall Square - Inman Square - East Cambridge
Goal Time: 19:00
Actual Time: 18:31

The kayak race had started at 8:30 with 25 people,  and an hour later was the 5k with 1500 people.  But I was only worried about the 24 others from the kayak race.   On the gun I took off with the lead pack.  However, that meant I was taking off with Jake Barnett and the Antunes.  By the time we got in front of Helmand Restaurant, I made the smart move of slowing down.  When we took the right onto Binney, I noticed my watch hadn't started.

So, now I decided to go on place rather than pace.  Ahead of me were two masters runners - Jim Normile and a guy from Forest Hills (David).  I spent the first mile catching up with Jim.  I caught him on Hampshire Street.  He kept looking back while I tried to catch my breath and look to the next step in place.  As we approached Inman Square I left him looking toward David.

We made the big right in Inman from Hampshire to Cambridge Street.  By the time we got to the second mile mark, I made my way up to the guy between me and David.  Finally, by the school on Cambridge (where Andy and Joe were cheering) I made my way up to David and by him.

The last challenge is the hill up to the courthouse.  It's three blocks long.  I was going to use Ryan Hall's stratey on hills.  Take the first 2/3 reasonbly easy and then take the last third hard.  Well, that's two blocks easy - where David passed me.  Then when we hit Scirappa I went hard and passed David. Now, I just had to make the goal to not let him catch me.  I took a huge breath down the hill and turned on whatever juice I had left in me.

With the turn on First Street, there were three blocks left.  I looked back and saw David still behind me and 3 20-somethings charging at me. I let them do what they were going to do.  I was able to sprint the last block beating David.

Finished with a Personal Record - 18:31 as First Masters and combined 26:47 for First place in the Glen Doherty Cup.

Masters and Glen Doherty Cup Champ

Shoutouts -
Jake Barnett won
Bev was first woman
Jake, Bev and Chris Antunes were the first place team.

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