Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside II: Propelling Digital Representations (2/21 - 2/28/2016)

This has been a very mild winter for New England; but, it's still winter.  The roads still have bits of snow and slush and the wind is still blowing below freezing and the River is still clogged with ice here and there.

Thus we're still inside.  After this year's great indoor track season, I didn't have too high of hopes on the rest of the indoor season.  How many sports can you pay attention to at once?

Lamer asked how I thought my propelling of my digital boat went at Crash-B.

Me in my New England Randonnuers Jersey; Emma in her Endurance Underground Camo
Photo from Landry's Cycles

Cycling Indoor Time Trial (2/21/16)
Event: Boston Triathlon Team Indoor Time Trial
Location: Landry's Cycles, Allston, MA
Distance: 10K
Goal Time: 18:19
Actual Time: 17:54

The profile of the course was the last 10K of the Marathon Course in reverse.  Since, I ran that on Saturday, I was mentally ready to ride it on Sunday.  Unfortunately, since I ran that on Saturday, My legs weren't necessarily read to ride it on Sunday.

When you checked in, you weighed in so that they could set the Compu-trainer to your weight, etc. 

After some warm up spinning while they set up the computers and what not, there was a countdown 3-2-1 and we started. 

There was projection screen that had all the vital data: watts, speed, distance, etc.  It also had graphics that tracked you along the profile of the Marathon Course. 

Good shot of the computer board that shows all the data and has the route profile and individual trackers
Photo from Landry's Cycles

I didn’t want a repeat of the CRASH-B’s from last year; while, I didn't know how hard to ride for a 10K, but I knew that I'd rather start too slow than too fast.  Basically, I decided to push myself hard but leave some for the finish, since I knew we’d have to go up Heartbreak in reverse.

Among the data was your pace and your distance to the next place person.  At the start I was in 7th out of 8 in my group with Emma right behind me.  But, as I started getting comfortable and finding the groove, I started closing in on 6th.  At the top of the hill at Coolidge Corner: Mile 2 or so I passed by 6th and then set my sights on closing down to #5.

Robbie getting aero
Photo from Landry's Cycles

I kept the pedaling pretty smooth.  I started to get within range of #5 when we got to what would be the turn onto Chestnut Hill Ave and then the left onto Commonwealth.  At this point there is about half a mile of downhill before you get to the base of Heartbreak in Boston College.  So I figured I’d take advantage of this, I made my move into 5th Place.  I looked at the numbers and realized Robby – in 4th – was way too far for me to catch. 

I got to the uphill right at the Dunks at the Boston College T.  I still felt okay; so, I was ready to crush it.  I didn’t really crush it.  However, I didn’t slow down either.  So despite not having the Hammer, I was able to push to the top and then bury my head over the last ¾ of a mile.  The guy I had passed had more left than me, he passed me up the hill and I didn’t have enough to bring him back.

Still beat the 5k running PR from earlier this month and with just under 21 mph and 285 avg watts (and, the all-important beating Emma), I was happy with my performance.

Hafferty killing it
Photo from Landry's Cycles

Robby did a 17:24
Susannah (18:45) and Emma (19:12) were the 8th and 10th place women
Hafferty's 15:01 finished only 4 seconds off the podium

The floor of the Agganis during CRASH-B

Rowing Indoor Race (2/28/2016)
Event: CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships
Location: Aggannis Arena, Allston, MA
Distance: 2K
Goal Time: 6:44
Actual Time: 6:59

Pulling hard at the end

Not as prepared as last year.

I fought to go out easier than last year. I was right under the 1:40/500m for the first little while and then from about 1000m.

At 1400m, I thought I might be in trouble. The pace was drifting up and drifting up. By 1750, I felt I could barely hang on. I just kept my head down and fought to 1900. Then I knew it was 10-11 more strokes. I blasted it out to keep my time under 7 min.

Next year I might do some training...

Digital Representations of Boats

Andy rowing her 2k

I finished just under 7 and Andy rowwed just over 8:30 on her first time at CRASH-B

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