Monday, February 1, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside I: Indoor Track (12/19/15-1/31/16)

SRR Lou's team with Lou Ristaino
Brendan, me, Robert and Bradley

Lou's 4x1600 Relay (12/19/15)
Goal Time: 5:20
Actual Time: 5:23 (PR!)
Team Time: 21:47

Continuing a 15-year New England track tradition, the USATF held the Lou Ristaino 4x1600 Relay on the second of the 3 BU Mini-Meets.

Continuing a 2-year Somerville Road Runners tradition, I put together a 4x1600 Relay team that had zero chance of winning.

There were enough teams to make two heats this year.  Heat one was those who put under 20 minutes while the second was over 20.

We were in the 2nd heat.

Took the third leg this year.

Tried to stay within myself. Since, I wasn't starting with anyone, I decided to follow the simple 40" lap plan. I actually ran the first lap too slow - 42".  My new left shoe came untied in the first turn of the second lap - d'oh.

Anyways, I spent the next 6 and a half laps trying to not step on my laces. But then I successfully dropped it to 40 - 41" every lap.

I hit the last lap and sprinted out a 38" before handing off to Robert.

7 second PR!

As a team we took 3rd in our heat and 11th overall.

Leg 1 - Bradley, 5:21
Leg 2 - Brendan, 5:56
Leg 3 - me, 5:23
Leg 4 - Robert, 5:07

BU mini meet (1/2/16)
Race: 1 Mile
Goal Time: 5:20
Actual Time: 5:18.84 (PR!)

I had a simple plan to hit 40" laps.

I ticked them off pretty well. There was a girl behind Emma and I whose coach was calling out splits: 39.5-40.5 pretty much every lap.

As we hit the 800, I started pushing a little knowing that it would take a little more work to run the same speed. Then with 500 left, I thought it was 300 left. So, I picked it up a good bit until I realized my error. I did one more 40" lap for lap 7 and finished off with a 37" final lap for my adult mile PR!

Emma also finished with a PR - 5:24

Culla - 3K Age Group Champ
USATF Masters' East Regionals (1/31/16)
Race: 1 Mile
Goal Time: 5:15
Actual Time: 5:18.51 (PR!)

Basically I ran the exact same race I ran three weeks ago.

I went out and clicked off 40-41/sec per lap.  In the second lap I got caught up in a with the group and put in a 37 second lap.

At around Lap 5 Culla was trying to convince to catch up with the next guy who was 20 yards ahead of me.  I was caught between running my race and trying to get "in a group."  I decided on the latter; although the former may have been the better option.

The last lap I had a little left and put in 36 seconds to barely beat my previous PR from three weeks ago and 3rd in my age group.

Culla won his age group for the 3000m
Joe took second in his AG in the 5000m
Pawlicki was 2nd in his age group in the 3000m
I took 2nd in my age group in the shot and was the only person in the weight and superweight

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