Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weighing In: Book Review (1/20/14)

3 out of 5 stars
Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
Matt Fitzgerald
Velo Press, 2012
296 pp; $18.95

I was at a controle in the 2011 Boston Brevets 200 km Brevet.  People were getting gatorade and chips and various century ride fare.  The discussion turned to gear of course - because that's what cyclists talk about.

Fortunately the typical Randonneur is not the typical century rider.  So, when somebody said, "For more speed at Paris-Brest-Paris I'm looking into getting a lighter bike..." one guy cut him off with: "When I need speed, I just drop some pounds right here" [patting his gut] "it's a lot cheaper and I keep the bike I like."

Obviously he was right - and funny.  But, for many of us this can actually be a problem.  I've been running and cycling consistently since I left for Greece in 2009. And although there has been a transformation of my body, there has not been great weight loss and now I've been stuck at a certain weight.

How do I get unstuck?

The simple answer is eat less/train more.  But if I still eat crap, this isn't successful.

Fitzgerald develops a 6 step program:

  1. Improve Your Diet Quality
  2. Manage Your Appetite
  3. Balance Your Energy Stores
  4. Monitor Your Weight and Performance
  5. Time Your Nutrition
  6. Train Right

Some of these are pretty obvious and reminiscent of those free VHS tapes you'd get with a Weider magazine subscription.  (Some jacked 25-30 year old guy would spent 20 minutes telling you basically "Eat" "Lift" "Rest" and another 20 minutes selling you Weider supliments that I'm sure did nothing).  However his writing in 3 and 5 is useful if you don't know.  Meanwhile reading well reasoned 1, 2, 4 & 6 creates a sense of sati. Unlike the ridiculous Weider mouthpiece, Fitzgerald makes you think of what and how.

Regardless if I follow his plan specifics, the sati I gain from it will have me think of my food choices like I do my training choices.  And, hopefully, I won't have to buy lighter bike.

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