Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oaktown to River City: Trains and Trams and Expos (12/7/13)

Train from Oakland to Sacramento
Distance: 95 miles
Pivo Index: 1

Aaron, Urvi, Andy and I took a Lyft ride from our apartment in San Fran to Oakland's Jack London Train Station (who not only trail races in Nashua but also was an author).  Then we took the Capitol Corridor out to Sac-Town.

Jack London Station

Lagunitas IPA and Digiorno on the train

Urvi and I pulling heading to Sac

Sweet seats at the Sacramento Train Station

Next Stop - Expo

What's a banner?

Urvi at the Expo

Clydesdale weigh-in

Then we headed out on the Gold Line light rail out to our house.

a picture of Aaron taking a picture of a sculpture taking a picture of another sculpture

Bike rack on light rail

horse in front of the Safeway

Sweet Kings mural the guy was spraying at the 16th Street Station

Color Sculpture

No feet on the seat

Our home base for Sacramento. (Acutally larger than it looks)

Next up - California International Marathon

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