Monday, October 28, 2013

Harvestfest: Somerville Local First (10/19/13)

Tommy and I missed the "serious face" memo

Saturday was Harvestfest with local restaraunts, beers and two bands - a bluegrassy one and Hornography.

Pretty Things' Spread

Bluegrass Band

Karen and Sara enjoying some Cisco Brewery, Nantucket

Mayflower Brewery, Plymouth

mmmmm... Pumpkin Cheese Cake, the Pub

Amie, Sarah, Sara, Karen and Urvi


Ryan and I getting in some Cornhole

Urvi and I

British Tom (I have no idea...), me, Urvi and Sarah
me and Urvi

That's a big pumpkin you have there

Knights without armor in a savage land
Have Pumpkin, Will Travel

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