Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the Wake of Terrorism: Lining up at Pittsburgh

As a Boston area runner, it has been a dream of mine for 30 years to run the Boston Marathon.  This year, I was motivated to run the Pittsburgh Marathon to qualify for it and to have a fun weekend with the 14 other members of the Somerville Road Runners who are going to run either the full or half marathon in Pittsburgh.

But that all changed yesterday.  Yesterday, I stood at our club’s cheering zone at 30 km in the Newton Hills of the Boston Marathon.  After the bombing, we frantically called every person in our club who had already run by.  As we accounted for all our runners and family members who were cheering on route, my heart changed.

Before yesterday, I was going for me, for selfish reasons: to qualify and to have a good weekend with friends.  Today, I am going for more than that.  I will be at the starting line in Pittsburgh because I will not be cowed by terrorists; WE will not be cowed by terrorists!


  1. Good luck Jesse! Thanks for the support yesterday!

  2. I think everyone in the family thought of you the moment they heard about the bombing yesterday. I'm relieved & grateful to hear you and all your friends and loved ones are OK. Kick ass in Pittsburgh!

  3. Well said, man. I hope you kick ass in Pittsburgh!