Monday, October 29, 2012

39 for 39 α: Cape Cod Half Marathon, Halftoberfest Part 4 (10/27/12)

Half Marathon Finish

Race: Cape Cod Half Marathon
Location:  Falmouth, MA
Goal Time: ??:??:??
Actual Time: 1:52:04

All of the month was leading to this weekend...  

Halftoberfest's month long quest to 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon culminated with running 39 miles on my 39th birthday weekend.  (Well, 39.3 miles. Bradley wanted to make sure I didn't just stop running at 39 miles because that would have had me quitting 25.9 miles into the full marathon.)

Not much really to say about this race.  The entire goal of this race was to not tire myself - considering I had a marathon the next day.  

So, I had an easy jog for the first 10 miles, almost exactly at 9 minute miles.  Then at the 10 mile I picked up speed and ran the last 5k in 22 minutes.

Then a big delicious basic breakfast at Artie's - a hungry man with linguica.

SRR Shoutout -

Chris Smith took 3rd overall (2nd male).

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