Monday, May 14, 2012

Batter My Legs: Playworks 5K Run for Recess

Event: Playworks 5k Run for Recess
Location: Franklin Park, MA
Goal Time: 20:00
Real Time: 20:34 (Cross Country PR, 1st in Age Group!)

Batter My Legs 
(after Donne)

Batter my legs three mi-yil'd race; for you
Send me too fast; the first at under six
that I may rise, and stay, leaders in mix.
Your force then kicks my legs into mile two.

I, like a tired marathoner died 
As up we all climbed to the bear cage hill
Running only on the force of will
Twenty-six the week before in me cried.

Yet dearly in the third began to fade
despite trying to stay with all I could
Running behind third and fourth through the wood.
Out from the trees in fifth, I had it made.

The last half I just merely cruised at pace
To finish first in my age and fifth place.

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