Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 – Season in Review

So the season had of course ups and downs.

Soccer Team “To Be Determined” had a good run into the play-offs only to be beaten in the first round.

Cycling saw a PR in the 200K and the finishing of my first official Century ride. It also saw my failure in the 300K

This year’s marathon – the National Marathon – was virtual disaster. Virtual because I did finish.

I ran 3 track miles – none near fast enough.

In the Trail/Cross Country Category, I had one slow 10 miler and an all surface PR at the Playworks Run For Recess 5K.

I ran three different relay races. SRR-Wind took 3rd at the Club Cup; Team Bonnie and Clyde took 4th at the MDI Marathon; and, Herbert and The Exotic Dancers did well at Lake Winni.


I had set three major goals before the season. The first was the National Marathon, which was not a great showing. But, any finished marathon is a good marathon.

The second was the Cape Cod Half Marathon Trilogy. I ran my two fastest half marathons and won the 211-225 lb Clydesdales in each of the three and will get a jacket for the completion.

The third was MiamiMan. Dominated this!


  1. Road 5K – An Ras Mor – 21:35
  2. All Surface 5K – Playworks 5K – 21:19
  3. Khoury’s 4.13 – Summer Steamer – 28:52
  4. 5 Miler – Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler – 37:29
  5. Half Marathon – Johnny Kelley Half Marathon – 1:37:43 (missed doing it again by 10 seconds in October at Harwich)
  6. 200K Cycling – Boston Brevets Dighton Rock 200K – 11:00:00


  1. Hyannis Half Marathon – 1st Clydesdales
  2. Playworks Run For Recess 5K – 1st 35+
  3. Johnny Kelley Half Marathon – 1st Clydesdales
  4. Club Cup Challenge Cup Marathon Relay – 3rd Team
  5. Casey’s Summer Steamer – 2nd Clydesdales
  6. Jim Kelley Sugar Bowl 5 Miler – 1st Clydesdales
  7. Harwich Cranberry Half Marathon – 1st Clydesdales
  8. MDI Marathon Relay – 4th 2 Person Team
  9. Miami Man Half Iron Duathlon – 1st Clydesdales

Looking forward -

2011/12 Winter/Spring Season

Tentative Goals

B Races

  1. Winter Classic 5K - December
  2. Sudbury 10K - January
  3. Hyannis Half Marathon – February
  4. Eastern States 20 Miler – March
  5. Boston Brevets' 107K – April

A Races

  1. Providence Marathon - May
  2. Blackwater Duathlon - June

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