Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011: A Miami Public Transit Oddessy (11/12/11)

So, I needed to get the bike I rented and then check in at the Miami Man Half Iron Duathlon.

I left my motel in Little Havana and caught the 8 bus. At 67th I caught another bus that took me to the end of the subway. There I was supposed to catch the 38 to take me down the busway but it pulled out as I arrived.

It was only 3 miles to the bike shop down the busway AND I had to do a 2-3 mile run at some point today. So I jogged down the busway to the bike shop.

I picked up the bike - the all aluminum version of my bike.

With the bike, I rode 10 miles down the busway/South Dade Bike Trail to 184th St and down 184th to the Triathlon and got my number and checked in my bike.

Now, I had to get back to Little Havana. 2 Buses, a subway and another bus.

After that, I dinner at Randazzo's on Miracle Mile - the biggest Sunday Gravy you've ever seen

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