Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lottery for the Peachtree

For Bostonians not familiar with the Peachtree Road Race, it’s Atlanta’s Marathon. Yes, Atlanta does have a 26.2 mile race (it’s this coming weekend I think). But, “the Peachtree” is THE Race.

It’s the Fourth of July and everybody gets up early and starts getting drunk lining Peachtree Street.

When somebody starts running in Atlanta, their goal is the Peachtree.

It’s been the US 10K Championship several times and always attracts the Elite level runners.

The Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt actually carries a bit of cache in Atlanta.

I have run the race twice. Both times I finished in around an hour. My 1986 time (I was 12) of around 58 minutes was my PR for the 10K until last year’s Bridge of Flowers race.

Last year I looked into running it for the third time, only to find out I missed the date. This year they started a lottery for entry and well, I've entered the lottery for lottery.


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