Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Great Race: An Ras Mor (3/15/11)

Event – An Ras Mor (5K road race)
Location – Cambridge, MA
Goal Time – 21:32
Finish Time – 21:35

It is odd, BUT…

My best three 5K times were all set last year and they were all Cross-Country. Which to everybody else is completely irrational. The fact is I’ve never been “in shape” for a 5K on the road. This is why I have broken 22 minutes 3 times – all in Cross-Country and never on the road.

Well, that all finally changed on Sunday. I started out at an good pace just warming up my legs. Once we turned onto Mass Ave., I was ready to rumble. The first mile was at 7:02; the second at 14:01 – perfect.

As we passed the Central Square post office I started picking up a little bit of steam and then picking up a little bit of steam like I had “all pig iron.”

This turned out to be a wee bit too soon as I lost most of my sprint before the turn into the last 0.1 mile. But, I crossed the line at 21:35 (two seconds slower than my PR and one second slower than my second fastest.)

So it was my road PR, my first road 5K under 7min/miles and a good way to set my next 5K target – Jingle Bell Run in December – watch out!

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