Monday, April 11, 2016

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez: NOLA and the Swamp (3/31 - 4/3/16)

Urvi and I under the Manchuch Swamp Bridge

Trip: Manchac Swamp Tour
Mode: Kayaking
Distance: 3.86 miles
Sights: cypress swamp, gators, Manchuc Swamp Bridge

The real reason we were all down in NOLA was for Amie and Ryan's wedding.  But Urvi, SoRad, Dean and I took advantage of our free time to go yaking in the swamps.  We got a tour out of LePlace, LA into the Maurpas Swamp Wildlife Area.  Our guide was a crunchy transplant from Wisconsin.



Sara and Dean


Other Scenes from the Weekend:

Canal Street Trolley

Urvi and a Gator

Crescent City Brew Pub


French Market

St Louis Cathederal - BLav, SoRad, Victor, Shark Tank and KarenBWarrior

St. Charles Trolley

Band at the Chaviers

Amie and Ryan
Meet the Chaviers

BLav and Victor

Evangeline Snausages


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