Monday, April 28, 2014

Jesses Wake: James Joyce Ramble (4/27/14)

Rory with the 3rd Place Team plaque
photo by Eva
Race: James Joyce Ramble (USATF Master's National Championship)
Distance: 10K
Location: Dedham, MA
goal time: 40:00
Actual Time: 39:46 (PR)

road to Deedham town open by the Sunbrunchday crowds. Upon this stretch 3 minutes prior those Masterunners started out to 10hilometer race. Our hero headed out and hid among the speedster 40 'ears or more.  Disembarhed and gaining rapport with Rappaport, impatience struch a cord and wave and upon milephirst sprinted on ahead. The road strewn in Bloomsdayclad speahers reeding upon Ulysses and Dubliners was phlat and phast the phirst phew hilometers.  Speed sped and spun the steps at paces weel ahead of previous times.  Jesse seehing greater speed phlew along.  Milephirst was less than 6 hour-bits in the jentile downcline of losing elevashun. Bouncing bout thother Masterunners - Men-o-60; women-o-40 and e'ery where tween. Milesecand still passed by phast but not ere some cheers from local cheers and more Bloomsdayclad reeders red.  A quattrain into the milethird, Cry Havoc quoth he. steps did stumble loud upon thesears of closing speed.  Twas arrived the leaderunners two from the 3 minute startger behind.  Better than he planned, phurther along.  Maybe too phast the phirst two were, but now ahead continued running on. Milesecand was 6 hour-bit and 18; milethird 6 and 16.  Milephourth did strihe bach the ease, upcline twoth. Phirst was surprise and steep - speedbumped drive atop the the phront door of a beauty private school. Upclinesecand was steep shorter - seriously. Milephourth did see speed decreese down 6 hour-bit and fortythree.  Phall you but will, rise you must: not but 2 miles left and call upon and letslipthesealsofwar. Phighting the good phight as two more miles of phlight carried through Deedham town downcline and light upcline bruised the foots and ego-id.  D'Souza named uneligible for but birth of born in borders and shores far from 50 here ahead was lost to hero here.  And Rappaport returned again on foots speedy still. Masterjesses speed lost on upclines in milephourth was as human a little story as blog could tell.  Milephiphth and milesixth were but phights of phlight to return to speed he had ere the upcline of school. Yet while not able to maintain or regain the speed was there enouph.  Carrying in at a personalrecord and carrying on in Placethird for the team behind Chris and Joe (and uneligible D'Souza).  Congradulashuns to and phrom the runners 'round.  Then phollowed by seeing Neil the Wheel and catching up. Post-ere awards, some conversashun and a pint Jesse left along the

Phinishing stretch with Eva cheering
Photo by Tom Cole

Shoutouts -
50+ Team: Rory, Gordon and Mike took 3rd
Jen Rappaport was third in her age group
Liz Cooney took second in hers
Eamonn beat last years time by 14 seconds
Sanjay PRed the 10K
Gordon McFarland defeated Matt once again

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