Sunday, March 23, 2014

Once in a Blue Moose: First Long Ride of Spring (3/23/14)

Ride: Once in a Blue Moose
Distance: 70.15 miles
Time: 5:33:39 (12.6 mph)
Sights: Southwest Corridor Park, Franklin Park, Blue Hills Reservation, Borderlands State Park, Moose Hill Reservation, Stony Brook Reservation, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Pond, Back Bay Fens

Took my longest ride in over a year.  The cold wasn't too bad.  The stretches through the Reservations were awesome.  Some Pictures

Atop Great Blue - overlooking Ponkapoag

Foxboro Town Center

To borrow from Nelson Muntz: "There is one thing wrong with that title" (and it's not the hill)

Downtown from atop Pete's Hill, Arboretum
Finished in a good time, training not as far off as I thought.  And I ran into Eva in the Arbs.

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Map of Ride...

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