Tuesday, February 18, 2014

20 in and 20 done: Martha's Vineyard and a lack of motivation (2/15/14)

Keiran and I at Off-shore with our age-goup and clydesdale medals
Photos taken by Urvi

Race: Martha's Vineyard 20 Miler
Location: Vineyard Haven, MA
Goal Time: ??:??
Actual Time: 2:24:46

I didn't really have a goal going into this race.  I sort of wanted to break 2:20.  But I had no idea.  So, I figured I'd start out with Tinger, Culla and Barry and then see how it turned out.  By a mile and a half (into a 20 mile race), I realized that was a mistake...

Then, I figured I could just keep running around 7 minute miles.  But, the fact is there is a pure lack of motivation going on here.  I've dedicated my early season to running shorter goal races in April, May and June.  Because of this I was not ready to race a 20 mile race.

"Then why'd you sign up?" someone asked.  good question.

Marc and Emma at mile 4.5

By mile 10, I found I had a complete lack of motivation.  If I ran hard the rest of the way, I get what a few seconds faster?  I don't get my PR...

Culla at mile 16

Tinger at mile 16
 By mile 15, I was just flat out tired.  I looked at my watch and said well at 8 min/miles that only 40 minutes...40 minutes? crap... that's forever.

I pulled it together and sang War Pigs to myself for the next few miles.  There is a big turn at 17.8 miles.  Now you know you're going to make it. (And, more importantly, that much closer to Larry Santos' clam chowder.)  I picked it up a little bit.

Amy braving the snow @ mile 19 (Seth Tank trails in the background)
At 19.5 there is one last turn toward the school.  Any motivation I had was summed up here.  I had two people in front of me.  I did my closest thing to sprinting and reeled both of them in to up my place from 43rd to 41st overall.  1st in the Clydesdales / 6th in my age-group.

Nichole with her age-group award
 SRR Shoutouts -
Keiran was 6th overall and 1st in his age-group with a 3 minute PR
Nichole was 3rd in her age-group
Alison had a nearly one hour PR
Shark Tank won the Filly category..

"Now I'M driving the bus!"
Harrison was driving us home...

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