Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chariot Racing: Circus Maximus intervals (7/2/13)

Distance: 6.7 miles
Time: 45:47
Workout: 5 x 2 laps (~1280 meters) @ Interval pace + 1 lap (~640 active rest)

The guidebook said there was nothing left of Circus Maximus except the beaten down track.  And that unless you were a jogger or dog owner or real geeky Classics buff, there was nothing to see.  Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Tuesdays is track workout day for SRR.  And CoachJoe’s (who was busy breaking 10 hours at Ironman Austria) workout for this week was 5 x 1000 @ Interval pace for me; 8 x 600 @ Interval pace for Urvi’s group.  I mapped out that Trevi Fountain (and our hotel) was only 2 km from Circus Maximus. 

The track was largely loose gravel or grass; half of it was cutoff and you have to run over the berm that was once the center of the chariot track.  Also I was doing 1280s at Interval which I NEVER do.  Normally, we top out at 1000 meters in my group.  But when in Rome…

Despite missing my paces because of all of above, I kept reminding myself – YOU’RE DOING YOUR TRACK WORKOUT ON CIRCUS MAXIMUS!!!!

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