Friday, May 3, 2013

Blasting out 2.88 Miles: Spring Classic 5k (4/28/13)

Race: Spring Classic 5k
Location: Cambridge, MA
Goal Time: 19:00
Actual Time: 19:31

I pretty much listen to whatever Joe O'Leary says to do with any race and training.  One of his things is to "blast out a 5k the week before a marathon."

So, when the Spring Classic came around, one week before Pittsburgh, that's what I did - sort of.

I did really well for most of this race.  I didn't take off too fast in the first half mile;  At the 1 mile I was at 5:55 - not bad.  Then, through the second mile this 19 year old and I kept pushing each other and reining each other in when needed.  We crossed mile 2 at 11:51.  Mind you there were a few times in high school I didn't finish the 2 mile in that time.

We got to 2 and a half and I knew I was in trouble.  It was a third of a mile of telling myself: "don't vomit; don't vomit."

At 2.88, I vomited.

I recovered and ran in the rest of the way for a respectable time... but not the PR or sub-6 min/mi, I had had a chance at...

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