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Super Race: Super 5k (2/3/13)

Super 5k about 1/4 mile in - notice Korynn is running too fast.
Photo by Thomas Cole

Race: Super 5k
Location: Lowell, MA
Goal Time: 19:00
Actual Time: 19:04 (Third Linebacker)

Jim Rhoades' Annual Super Bowl Sunday 5k has become a bit of a club tradition.  For the past two years it has been part of the Club's Grand Prix.

The race is the definition of a fast flat 5k.  There is a gentle hill from 1/2 mile up to a mile.  Then you come back down to 1 1/2 and then its 1.6 miles of flat running next to the river.  As long as there is no wind off the Merrimack, it's a full blast race.

It is so fast, that last year's race I broke my 5k PR by a full minute and haven't come within 30 seconds since.  This year was not much different.  Deb, Tim, Emma and I did a hard workout Saturday (14 miles with 5 miles @ Threshold pace) which Bradley said was silly since he wanted to race the Super 5k.

I went out a little easy this year.  (Last year, Tim Harden and I killed the first mile and I never really recovered).  About half way up the hill I realized I could charge this hill, have enough time to recover down hill and then blast the second half of the race.  Passing Dan and Eva up the hill I did just that.

Recovering down the hill I took the right onto the riverside parkway and in front of me by about 50 yards was Rachel and Tommy B.  I just kept them in sight and kept at their same pace.  There was very little wind, just enough to throw the snowflakes around.

At mile 2.5, I saw Rachel have a burst.  She started to sprint away from Tommy who now looked a little broken.  Then I made the tactical decision, slowly bring in Brit.  I had half a mile to chase him down.

So slowly but surely, I was pulling back a step at a time from Tommy.  The course turns off the parkway at probably 2.9 miles.  I was almost in range to make the BIG move.  Apparently I was too loud. 

When Tommy passed the 3 mile mark I was only 10 yards behind him, but he heard somebody coming up and decided they weren't going to beat him.  With all of his strength he sprinted away.  I sprinted after but never closed those last 10 yards.  I ended up losing by 4 seconds and about 20 yards.

Stupid Limey!

My 19:04 was good enough for third in the linebacker (190-225lb) division.

SRR Shoutouts:

Jake Barnett and Megan Hyland won the men's and women's categories respectively
Rachel Shanley (who had sprinted away from me and the Limey - and beat us by over 20 seconds) took second in the women's

There was a double sweep in the 20 -29 category
Men's - Brian Keefe, Matt Fuhrmeister and Todd Prokop
Women's - Andy Marinelli, Korynn and Emma (Andy and Korynn can taste breaking 20)

Chris Klucznik won the 30 year olds
Deb Downs (first time under 20 minutes - BAM!) and Sara Saba took 2nd and 3rd in the 30s

SRR Swept the Men's 40s - Tomas Bok (with a big PR), Chris Smith and John Wichers
Jen R finished second in the Women's 40s

Rory took second in the 50s; Liz Cooney continued her impressive year winning the 50s for women

Pam won the 60s

Linebackers were me in third and John Wichers winning

Fillys were another SRR sweep - Sara Saba, Julie Dragon and Eva

Bradley's not going with us Saturday did pay dividends as he ran a MONSTER 17:22.

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