Monday, December 10, 2012

Down the Merrimack: Mill Cities Relay (12/2/12)

Kings of Beer, Mill Cities, 2012

It was our second year running as the Kings of Beer.  Last year each of us had hit the cusp of great training seasons and were using this as the first race of a great 2012 season.  This year, it came on a low point in training.  Marc and Dan just finished Philly two weeks before and Aaron, Seth and I were just coming off the layoff from long training seasons.  We still had fun.

SRR Shoutouts -

Mens: Open (That Escalated Quickly), 1st; Masters (Master Blasters), 3rd
Women's: Open (En Fuego), 1st
Coed: Open (Nuke to a Gun Fight) 3rd; Masters (Masters of the Universe), 3rd; Seniors (Cooney's Flying Circus) 2nd.

We took second in the Club overall as well.

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