Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fjórir Tanka: Golden Circle (8/17/12)

The Golden Circle bus trip.

Icelandic Horse

Ponies they are not
Yet with manes long and bushy
Stances stout and strong
They travel the four beat tölt
Without dropping a drip of beer

~ 23 Aug 2012
   Reykjavik, Iceland


The derivative
Dormant lays; as its cousin,
Stokkur, yet still spoots
Geysas of scalding vatn
High above the treeless ground.

~ 23 Aug 2012
   Reykjavik, Iceland


Icy water falls
As the foss cuts, curves and curls
Canyons deep and rapt,
“Caverns measureless to man,”
Beauty boundless to the eye.

~ 23 Aug 2012
   Reykjavik, Iceland


The plates rip in rifts
New World west and Europe east.
Fire, snow and sea:
The flag flies freely unfurled
There upon the Rock of Law

~23 Aug 2012
  Reykjavik, Iceland

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